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Years Of Experience as a Leader

Attorney with more than 25 years of experience as a leader in fiduciary litigation

Estate Planning including fiduciary liability

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Administration Of Decedent Estates

Bookkeeper for administration of Conservatorship and Trusts Attorney with extensive experience in Real Estate

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Many people only think of calling a lawyer when they have a crisis or an extreme situation involving actual litigation. Waiting for a crisis is intended to be a cost-saving measure; however, frequently a few dollars spent to consult a trained, experienced professional can prevent costly litigation, with a savings of years of time, loads of grief, and thousands of dollars of legal services. By eliminating potential problems, preventative legal work can save you time, money and needless worry.

What is Probate?

Probate is the process by which a decedent’s assets and liabilities are finally resolved so that their assets can be distributed to those who are entitled to them. In this process, a “personal representative” is appointed to act on behalf of the decedent. (In the past personal representatives were sometimes known as “executors”) This personal representative then collects all of the assets of the decedent, attempts to account for all of the liabilities owed by the decedent, pays off those liabilities, and distributes the remaining property either pursuant to Missouri Statutes or pursuant to a will left by the decedent. In Missouri, this process can take a minimum of six months, unless a shortcut proceeding is used or with no open-ended timeframe if there are complexities to the estate, like an on-going business.

What is a guardian (for an adult)?

A guardian is a person who is appointed to make all of the non-financial decisions for somebody who has become incapacitated.

This process is often conducted at the same time as proceedings to declare the person as disabled such that a conservator is appointed. The guardian and conservator can be the same person or they may not be, depending on the specific needs of that case.

One way you can keep from falling into the costly trap of only consulting an attorney when problems have reached an impasse, is to remember that lawyers have many roles:





Human Resources Consultant







Representative before government agencies

With this varied list in mind I have tried to think of a few of the thousands of possible instances when you should seek the advice of a lawyer. Of course, no one lawyer can handle all these types of matters but any lawyer should be able to tell you if you need to see an attorney at all.


Appeal To Government



Birth Of Children

Buying A Business

Buying Real Estate

Child Custody

Civil Rights Violation

Claims On Insurance

Computer Crimes

Creation Of Employee Manual


Defending Against A Law Suit

Denying Paternity

Dilution Of Trademark

Durable Power Of Attorney

Environmental Accidents

Estate Planning

Foreign Adoption

Forming A Partnership

Getting Married

Government Benefit

Government Taking Of Property

Healthcare Directive


Injury By An Employee

Invasion Of Privacy

Leasing Real Estate

Living Will




Bar Fights


Buying A House

Challenging A Will


Civil Rights Violation

Collecting A Debt

Condemnation By Government

Credit Fraud

Death Of A Family Member

Denial Of Educational Benefits By A School


Distribution For An Estate

Elder Abuse

Establishing Child Support

Expansion Of Business

Forming A Corporation

Forming A Political Party

Giving A Deposition


Guardianship Of A Minor

Hiring An Employee

Inheriting A Business

Insurance Disputes

Know Your Rights

Leaving The Country For Extended Period

Making A Claim Against An Estate

Adult Abuse


Auto Accident


Boundary Disputes

Buying Commercial Equipment

Child Abuse

Civil Rights Infringement

Civil Rights Violation

Collecting Child Support

Contract Negotiations

Credit Problems


Denial Of Visitation Rights

Devising A Business

Dog Bites


Establishing Paternity


Forming A Labor Union

Getting Divorced

Giving Money To A Minor

Government Benefit Problems


If A Lawyer Contacts You


Interference With Business

Leasing Commercial Equipment


Martial Separation

Conferences in office, by Zoom, and in convenient locations.